Halite is an artificial intelligence programming challenge created by Two Sigma, in which players build bots using the coding language of their choice to compete in an original online multiplayer game. Since 2016, more than 7,000 students and professionals around the world have played Halite, applying algorithms in a dynamic, open source game setting.

Halite III

This year’s Halite challenge has a resource management premise and an ocean theme. Players build bots that efficiently navigate the seas collecting halite, a luminous energy resource. See our Game Overview to learn more about Halite III.

The Halite III competition runs from October 16th to January 22nd, and the winners will be announced January 29th. Players can join the competition any time, and will submit bots that play against each other on our game servers to determine rank. See here to learn more about how to play. As players improve and resubmit new versions of their bots, players can watch their progress on our leaderboard.

Halite I and Halite II were especially successful because of their excellent community contributions and robust forums. Any player, from beginner to advanced, can contribute to the open source Halite III project or join the forums to ask questions or learn best practices.

Halite Design Principles

Learn more about the design and implementation of online programming competitions and the principles behind successful competitive multiplayer programming games in The Design and Implementation of Modern Online Programming Competitions, by Halite creators Benjamin Spector and Michael Truell.

The strategic depth and immersive, interactive nature of Halite make it a unique learning environment. Learn more about the design principles behind Halite by watching our July 2018 presentation at Google Cloud Next:

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